We offer three different levels of coaching and to see more information select from the plans below.

Coaching is a relationship that revolves around communication, trust, knowledge and experience. We are a dedicated team of experienced coaches, athletes, sports scientists, instructors, and bike-fitters, all here to ensure you achieve your objectives in a healthy but fun way! We love sharing the journey and watching your development.

We use the latest technology, sports science and equipment aimed to enable us to coach the most effective training plan bespoke to you, commencing with a free consultation, objective-setting, performance baselines and individualised performance programmes. Our coached athletes are competing at local, national and international level. Some workout 6–10 hours a week, with families and stressful jobs and others live the life of a full-time pro athlete.

We’ll work with you to identify your athletic goals and provide personal, individualised plans. We provide advice on everything; from initial bike purchase and equipment set-up, to training, technique, nutrition and event planning.

There is a coaching plan for everyone, starting from £40 per month – we make training fun.

bronze coaching at cybele velo

£40 Per Month

This program is for the athlete who wants a training schedule with daily workouts and who doesn’t want the feedback and analysis that our other coaching programmes offer. It does not include coaching calls, data analysis or updates/changes to training program. Physiological testing at Cybelé is recommended for accurate training zone set-up but is not required.


(2+ Sport)
£65 Per Month

silver coaching at cybele velo

£80 Per Month

This training program is for the athlete who wants a high level of personal attention and interaction.

The Cybelé coaching staff will provide you with expert feedback and analysis that is essential for your best performance.


(2+ Sport)
£100 Per Month

expert coaching at cybele velo

£100 Per Month

This training program is for the athlete who wants a very high level of personal attention and interaction. Your best performances hinge on your ability to manage the many details of preparation leading up to your event. We will be there to give you the guidance and motivation you need when you need it most to keep you on track and ready to perform.


(2+ Sport)
£130 Per Month