Performance Lab

Strength & Conditioning

The Vélo offers specific equipment to assist in building your strength, mobility and flexibility on the bike. The Strength and Conditioning machines target the legs, core and back and aim to improve on bike strength, pedal stroke efficiency, flexibility and reduce injuries, so that you can become a better and stronger cyclist.

Our Yoga classes will work on increasing overall strength and flexibility, with a focus on specific areas of the body relevant for cyclists.

Physiological Testing

We take the guess-work out of your performance by using scientific methods to put exact numbers on your exercise capabilities.

Physiological Testing takes place in our dedicated Performance Lab and is conducted by a member of our team.

• Functional Threshold
Test (FTP)
• VO2 Max Test
• Maximum Heart Rate Test
• Max Power Test
• Lactate Threshold Test
• Body Composition Analysis
• Nutritional Analysis
• Bike Fit
• Pedal Analysis

Personal Training

One on one sessions can be arranged with any of our qualified coaches for swimming, cycling, running or strength and conditioning.

Sports Nutrition

Sessions can be arranged with any of our nutritionalists or qualified coaches to complement your nutrition and sports package.

Run/Swim Pass

Weekly sessions are arranged via our events calendar and dependant on your chosen membership type you may have run and swim classes included free of charge.